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Large Animal or Equine / Horse Cremation


LovedPets provides equine / horse cremation services.

Our new, large, state-of-the-art crematorium will allow private horse cremation without any prior modifications. This unique capability allows our staff to treat your horse with the respect such a dear companion deserves. You may bring your pet directly to the Park or we will remove your pet from your property or veterinarian’s office. Please choose the option which best fits your needs and call us with your choice.

Our totally private horse cremation services are normally completed within two business days. If a same day or owner witnessed horse cremation is desired, please inquire.

After the horse cremation service is completed your horse's cremated remains (cremains) will be returned to you in either a laser engraved or photo urn. Different styles and woods are in stock for you to choose from at lovedpet.com.