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Carla C.

8/8/2013 - (Gilroy, CA)

My Mama Kitty's health had been declining over the last two years. Eventually I knew the time was coming and found LovedPet. I emailed Elizabeth and she sent all the information, detailing owner attended cremations, individual or group. Mama ended up passing away while we were sleeping next to each other last Saturday morning.

I called LovedPet to let them know and a when we were ready, my daughters and I brought her to them. Frank was so incredibly nice. He mentioned he usually worked in the back, but he did a good job helping us. Kind, considerate and most of all, he put my daughters minds at ease regarding their concerns (would it actually be Mama Kitty that we got back). He promised he would take care of her for us. When I mentioned that I'd tried to get an ink paw print before she passed and it wasn't clear, he said he would do it for us. His kindness was the topic of conversation on the drive home.

We found some sense of peace dealing with LovedPet directly and actually meeting the people who would be taking care of our loved one.

Irene G.

7/10/2013 - (Oakland, CA)

We suffered a major loss three weeks ago when we had to put our beloved Rex down. We had him cremated and chose the tower urn. We also had a paw print done. We received his paw print in a beautiful velvet bag. Along with a certificate of cremation and a beautiful poem. Thank you so much! In our grieving process having things go so smoothly with his cremation help tremendously . I read a reviewer not happy with the logo on the urn. It is placed underneath and no one will see it, not a big deal to our family. Again thank you Monterey Bay Loved Pet.

Jeff S.

4/14/2013 - (Antioch, CA)

What a beautiful place. Frank was very professional and compassionate when we had our three dogs, (Ginger, Spencer and Daisy) cremated. There are no words to say how much we appreciate Frank and Monterey Bay LovedPet for what they did for us. Frank truly loves his job and helping people. We would Highly recommend this place. Frank and the facility helped with closer with the pain and loneliness of not having our pets anymore. I'm sure anyone at Monterey Bay LovedPet would do a great job but if you have the opportunity I would HIGHLY recommend Frank. Again thanks again for all you have done.

The Sweeney Family, and (Ginger, Spencer and Daisy)

Lesley R.

3/6/2013 - (Soquel, CA)

This pet cemetery is *amazing*. I am a self-admitted cemetery addict (I restore standard (human) old cemeteries for fun and can spend weeks at a time doing it, and have, without ever tiring of it) but never have I gone to a PET cemetery until this month.

It was opened in 1960 by a veterinarian.
It is located in the beautiful hills of Watsonville (I would love living there) a bit north of Prunedale off San Miguel Canyon Rd., directly east of Elkhorn Slough.

The place seems HUGE and very well maintained (I know what it takes to look after a cemetery, by the time you are done cleaning up an area you have to start all over again). You drive down the winding driveway and find several areas for cremations or actual burials. Don't quote me on this but it appears that they have a wall for plaques in memory of pets but the remains are not there (ie: you have the urn or scattered the ashes).

An amazing experience where you can visit those that have passes on but with you on the beautiful hillside are living animals EVERYWHERE. On the property are bunnies hopping everwhere, geese, guineas! (cute birds), chickens and roosters, birds singing in the many trees....it seems like it goes on and on probably due to the winding paths, ect.

They have more than several vehicles with their logos and custom license plates (not a cheap thing to do, I mention it because it shows how much they thought about all aspects of the business) in the driveway where there is plenty of parking for you. There were people there on the weekend who I assume owned or worked there (in other words, you can ask questions?).

I have not looked into all of what they offer but I *assume* they do cremations and burials, or just one if you like.

I know when my little man passed (a dog who was a Schipperke/Corgi, age 17) it was amongst the worst day of my life.......but having a way to commemorate him was what made it all better. This is an amazingly peaceful place to perhaps have a marker placed for such an amazing little dog who touched so many lives. But for now? I just come out here to be at peace amongst the animals, living and passed on.

Seriously......a nice job, well done.